Mint on 30.10.2021 - 15:00PM UTC @ Price: 1.3 SOL

Welcome to Candy's Halloween story.
Participate in Candy's story and own one of the
8888 unique halloween houses collection.

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Candy's Halloween Story

Candy is the hero of our story. The name comes from Metaplex’s Candy Machine. We salute Metaplex respectfully as we found inspiration in it.

Our story tells about Candy’s Halloween Night.

She will visit 8888 different Halloween Houses and distribute gifts through games.

Will it be a game like “Trick or Treat” ? Well, idea. We just want it to be a little mysterious. Come buy a house and be part of the story, now is the time.

Total NFT: 8888 | Mint Price: 1.3 SOL
Launch Date: 30 October 2021 - 15:00PM UTC
Halloween Airdrop: 31 October 2021 – 18:00 UTC

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NFT Collection

Join us and buy one of the 8888 houses selected from 700 million combinations related to 105 traits. Your house can be chateau near a hallowed graveyard, a house by a scary lake or a shed in the forest.

Your luck will determine the opportunity cause it will be a random mint. Maybe the most wanted fear house will be yours!

Once the entire collection has been sold, it will be available on most NFT Marketplaces. If you wish, you will be able to buy and sell your NFTs using these portals.


It’s awesome and important for us to see such a big community supporting us. And it won’t be for nothing. First big event will be on Halloween night!

200 SOL will be distributed to 130 NFT holders. No application or any action is necessary. You will get a ticket for each Candy’s Halloween NFTs in your wallet. NFT numbers will be regarded as ticket numbers. And those who have made NFT mint will be eligible. Snapshot will be taken within 2 hours prior to the draw.

NFT Staking

You don’t want your NFTs rambling in your wallet. We know it! That’s why we have coded a safe. You will earn Candy’s Token by staking your NFTs in our safe. We’re gonna be the first to prepare it.

We will activate Staking platform shortly after Candy’s token is ready. Stand on us, that won’t be too long.


It’ll be amazing to play the game and go through the story. We want you to meet our game within the first quarter of 2022.

Candy will walk on the wild side in the game. You will be the player against her.



Co-Founder & Developer


Blockchain Developer


3D Artist & Designer


October 2021

  • Create NFT Collection
  • Branding & Website
  • Mint Contrats Dev
  • NFT Sale / Sold Out
  • Listing Marketplace
  • Big Halloween Airdrop

November 2021

  • Marketing
  • Staking Contrats
  • Staking Live
  • Token Generation
  • Tokenomics Details Publish
  • NFT / Token Migration

December 2021

  • Game Project Details Publish
  • Game Devs Update
  • Partnerships with Protocols
  • Generation Update
  • Token Listing

Q1 2022

  • Audit Contrats
  • Gamify Contrats Live
  • Token Using on Game
  • Testnet / Devnet
  • Candy's Halloween Game is Live


The sales will be on our site Do not rely on any information other than official announcements. Be careful and protect yourself againts scams and fraud. Follow official announcements.

Candy’s Halloween project will work on Solana network and so NFT collection. Phantom, Sollet Web, Sollet Extention, SolFlare, Slope, C98 and some other wallets can be used.

Mint price is 1.3 SOL. And you need around 0.1 SOL for transaction fees.

No limits.

We are currently in contact with some NFT marketplaces. We will officially announce in a short time. Listing will be done short after the collection sales. We’ll be in touch with Solanart, FTX, Magic Eden, Alpha Art and Solsea.

Team will mint 100 NFTs randomly. Some NFTs will be used for airdrops and marketing.

After the tokenis ready, it will be listed on Serum Dex with the liquidty provided by the safe. Detailed information will be given later.

Our collection is generated from 9 layers and 105 traits. Considering the house types trait number is up to 165+. That is, the collection comes from 700 million combinations.

We will share it on our social media accounts and website. Please wait for the official announcement as the rarity levels of each NFTs will differ.

All traits have been preparedand resized by our 3D artist. There is no third party content in the collection.

We will have a safe and all the income will be accumulated here. The fund will be used for ads, Nft purchase and to increase floor price. It will also be liquidity supply for Candy Token and community airdrops. It will support us to develop th game and new projects. We aim to create a sustainable NFT project. We are more than a collection. We have a story!

Our official website will be built for official announcements. We will also prepare a page for mint. URL will be shared on 30 October 2021. Another page for “Halloween Airdrop” will be shared as an open source.

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